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We launched of New Presentation Video for our
Volunteers Online Booking System (VOBS) App
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Date: Thu, 16 May 2024, 09:58

In a bid to enhance visibility and streamline operations, YourWebApps proudly announces the launch of a new presentation video for its Volunteers Online Booking System (VOBS) App. This powerful platform is designed to revolutionize the process of entering online bookings swiftly and effectively, while also providing volunteers with the flexibility to accept bookings with ease.

With the launch of the new presentation video, YourWebApps aims to showcase the capabilities and benefits of VOBS, encouraging more organizations to embrace this innovative solution for efficient volunteer management.

To watch the video directly, please click this link:

VOBS simplifies the booking process by sending confirmation details directly to volunteers, along with Google map links for easy navigation. Additionally, the app boasts a user-friendly interface where clients, volunteers, and commonly used destinations can be added and selected for bookings at the click of a button.

One of the key features of VOBS is its automated email system, which sends out daily notifications to volunteers, informing them of available unassigned bookings. This allows volunteers to accept bookings themselves, significantly reducing the workload for office staff and ensuring a seamless booking experience for all parties involved.

Already embraced by several organizations, VOBS has proven its effectiveness over the years:

  1. Caversham Good Neighbours has been utilizing VOBS version 1 since 2012, on their own website:
  2. Fish Volunteers adopted VOBS in 2017, implementing version 2 on their website. Explore their services at
  3. Woodcote Volunteers joined the VOBS community in 2023, utilizing version 3 as a Web App. Their website:

For more information and to view the presentation video, please visit:

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