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Volunteers Online Booking System (VOBS) App Prices

The pricing plans of using our system. Feel free to call us any time for more details or a demo catered to your own situation and requirements

Feature Small Medium Large Enquire
Setup Cost £400 One-off initial system setup charge
Cost £25/Month £50/Month £75/Month ?
Unlimited Client Records
Unlimited Volunteer Records
Unlimited Staff Accounts
Booking Records per Month 100 300 600 ?
Driver Bookings
Shopping Bookings
Visitor Bookings
Bus Bookings functionality
Table of Regularly Used Locations
Pickup and Destination Details Auto Population from Clients, Volunteers and Locations records
Mileage Calculations
Travel Cost Calculations
Links to Google Maps for Directions
Auto Emailing of Unassigned Bookings to Volunteers
Auto Emailing of Volunteers when a booking is added or updated, with all details of the booking.
Secure Login
Various Levels of User Access
Block Users Feature
Unlimited support
Inclusion of enhancements to the system at no extra cost
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backups
Future Features
Optionally Allow Clients to Request Bookings
More reporting and statistics reports
Requested enhancements from our Clients
NOTE All prices exclude VAT

All plans include

The main advantages of using our system. Feel free to call us any time for more details or a demo catered to your own situation and requirements

Efficiency and Convenience

Book Volunteers in Seconds: Say goodbye to manual paperwork and phone calls. Our app allows organizations to request volunteers with just a few clicks in an intuitive interface.

Real-Time Availability: View volunteer availability instantly and match them to your Booking needs. The list of available Volunteers goes through a sophisticated algorithm to match Volunteers with a Booking needs in terms of availability.

Quality Matches

Volunteers Selection: Our intelligent algorithm lists Volunteers availability, what they can provide, what type of booking it is, and rotates around Volunteers so the same Volunteers are not selected every time.

Empower your community: Facilitate acts of kindness by efficiently matching willing volunteers with individuals in need of assistance, ensuring no one is left behind.

Engagement and Retention

Personalized Communication: Volunteers are selected based on last booked date, so all Volunteers get a turn and stops some Volunteers being given all the work. Volunteers can specify how many Bookings they are prepared to do each month.

Recognition and Rewards: Displays of how many bookings volunteers have done in any specified period so recognition can be made for their service.

More info about our system in an easy to watch video

Comming soon...

Sign Up Today!

With its flexibility and multitude of options, our volunteer booking system can cover all or most of your potential requirements.

  We encourage your organization to create an account and start managing your volunteer opportunities.

  The process is very easy! After registration, just log in to your admin and start adding volunteers, clients and booking with the user-friendly admin interface.

  And if you need any help, we are a call away.

Increase your efficiency

Our booking system allows you to save thousands of work hours, access the system from anywhere you have internet access even when you are away, 24 hours a day, while enjoying the whole process and this system also keeps your customers and volunteers happy.

Our system is packed with great features, like:

  Selecting a Booking Pickup address can be done at a click of a button by copying the Client’s address, copying a Predefined Location, or typing in the address.

  Automated calculation of mileage and cost in the admin booking set up area

  The Pickup Date and Time can easily be selected using a pop-up calendar. An optional appointment time can be entered in the booking.

  A warning popup window is displayed if an existing booking is on the same day for the same client, to avoid duplicate Bookings on the system.

  The list of available Volunteers matches the criteria of the Booking to the criteria of Volunteers, and listed them with the longest not used for a booking, at the top, so everyone gets a fair turn.

  Clear visual listing of the current, unassigned, past bookings with coloured-coded highlights of important information.

  The volunteers have an easy option to see the available bookings and are able to respond in the quickest time, by assigning themselves to available and unassigned bookings. this saves a lot of time for office staff who traditionally have to call Volunteers.

  You are also able in the admin interface, to set their volunteer service types, like: home visitor, shopper, bus driver, etc. and their availabilities per each day of the week.

  If a Volunteer is selected for a booking they automatically get an email (if they have an email address), with all the details of the booking.

  Only authorised users can access the Booking system, and there are multiple levels of Admin access.

  Futures enhancements: to allow internet users (clients) to apply to join your VOBS system App, accept them and allow them to submit their own booking applications.

So what are you waiting for?

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